Revising translations – your thoughts?

Some (many, actually) call it proofreading, others call it (cross-)checking or reviewing, and larger agencies these days seem to prefer to call it QA... yes, I'm talking about revising someone else's translation. Do you accept revision work? I'm asking this because I get asked by agencies to do this fairly regularly, and some of them even seem to send me only revision jobs even though I'm registered with them as a translator, not a QA specialist.

Yet another thought on translation rates

According to a news report earlier this week, workers in the UK are enjoying a real pay rise — pay rise above the annual inflation rate — for the first time for four years. I was quoting on a job that came in yesterday when it occurred to me that the "standard rate" I quote is the rate I set in 2001, when I became a qualified member of the ITI. Yes, I've so far resisted the constant pressure from large translation agencies to lower my rates and ignored advice from them that my rates are way above the going rate. But what does that really mean? According to the Office for National Statistics, the median full-time gross weekly earnings in the UK were