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Recommended reading on translation

One of the many things I’ve been meaning to add to this site but haven’t got around to is a blog roll, listing recommended blogs (in English/Japanese) written by/for translators, but in the meantime I thought I’d put one up here – mainly because I seem to be tweeting links to its articles all the time:


Translation Client Zone http://www.translationclientzone.com/


Looks like I’m getting a round tuit after all…

This blog, run and edited by Bianca Bold with additional contributions from translators, interpreters and translation agencies, has – as the title suggests – a specific focus on addressing topics that are relevant to translation buyers. It touches on many aspects of the translation process that are covered in “Translation: Getting It Right“, with more detail, recent examples and multimedia content.


I’ll post more links to recommended blogs in the hope of eventually compiling that blog roll I’ve meaning to get around to…




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