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My article in the ITI Bulletin

The March/April issue of the ITI Bulletin carries an article I’ve written about the project to publish a Japanese version of “Translaton: Getting It Right — A guide to buying Translation“.


GIRJ articleClick here to read the article pdficon_small


About the guide

There are hundreds of ways a translation project can go off track: ridiculous deadlines, ambiguities in source text amplified by the translator not asking questions, misapplied MT (machine translation), no proofreading of typeset text by a native speaker, blissful unawareness of an over-confident translator operating in a vacuum, poor coordination of large projects, poor cheap freelance translator, poor expensive freelance translator, poor cheap translation company, poor expensive translation company, no client input, and on and on.

By applying even half the tips in this guide, you will improve your chances of getting a translation solution that works.

The booklet is available from the ITI website in a variety of languages. Here are links to the US English and Japanese versions:

GIR-US Translaton: Getting It Right — A guide to buying Translation pdficon_small

GIR-J 翻訳で失敗しないために〜翻訳発注の手引き pdficon_small



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