Translation links

Translation / 翻訳 Cuttings Book by WayToJapan Translations
… is a collection of blog posts and other useful resources for translators.
Institute of Translation & Interpreting
… represents professional translators and interpreters in the UK.
ITI Japanese Network (J-Net)
… can help you if you are looking for a Japanese translator/interpreter, or if you want to become one.
Japanese translation organizations
… lists the Japan-based organizations that repreView Pagesent people involved in the translation industry. (Japanese only / 日本語)
Translation – Getting it Right
… is a small booklet packed with advice on buying translations. You can download PDFs directly here: English | 日本語版
IJET Conference Home
… is the homepage of the annual International Japanese English Translation (IJET) Conference.


My other websites
… my scottish information services and consultancy. Mostly in Japanese.
RSI Prevention Guide
… a series of articles I wrote for ALC (of the Eijiro dictionary fame) about repetitive strain injuries, one of the occupational hazards of working as a translator. Japanese only.
The Sustainable Translator
… my personal blog about sustainability, SDGs and sustainable workstyle.
My LinkedIn profile
… in English.
My Twitter account
… translation-themed tweets and retweets in Japanese and English.