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J-Net Bulletin is 25 years old!



J-Net Bulletin no. 41, March 2013

The Spring 2013 issue of the J-Net Bulletin is out — and this issue celebrates 25 years of the publication, which began as typewritten copies titled the Japanese Network Bulletin in 1988, when the Network had only five members. These days the J-Net Bulletin boasts a circulation of over 160, delivered electronically as a PDF full of colour photos. The latest issue of the J-Net Bulletin contains an article from the first coordinator and bulletin editor of the network looking back on the early days of the Network and its Bulletin, which makes for a fascinating reading.

I received my first copy of the J-Net Bulletin when I joined the J-Net as a newly admitted Associate Member of the ITI in 1999. The network already had over 70 members then, with an active mailing list and regular workshop events. J-Net provided a supportive environment that gave me a chance to meet, discuss (online and in the flesh) with and learn from fellow translators for the first time in my working life. Translation can be a solitary occupation, with much stumbling around in the dark with nobody to guide you through, especially if you (like me) “fell into” the job rather than set out to make a career as a translator.

I see that the definition of the word “network” — which I remember from the cover of the first copy I received over 10 years ago &mdash has been reinstated in the latest issue of the J-Net Bulletin on the contents page. I agree with the editor that it really sums up how J-Net works and welcome its return:

network: a non-hierarchical group of people with a common interest, each member communicating with every other to share knowledge, skill, experience and support

The J-Net Bulletin is available to members of the J-Net. If you are interested in joining us, please contact info@j-net.org.uk.

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