JSA Launches Translator Registration Scheme

Earlier this year, the Japanese Standards Association — the custodian of the Japanese Industrial Standards or JIS — caused something of a stir in the translation community when it announced the launch of a new translator registration scheme in connection with ISO 17100 ... [read more]

Upcoming event: J-Net Winter Workshop in London

J-Net (ITI's Japanese language network) will be holding its annual winter workshop and AGM on Saturday 21 January 2017 at St Giles Hotel in Central London. The full-day event will be followed by a Shinnenkai (New Year party) at a nearby… Read more...

ITI LRG Transcreation Workshop

The University of Westminster is on Regent Street, just a stone's throw from the BBC Broadcasting House to the north and Oxford Circus tube station to the south, where a throng of people exit to the point at which this famous high street meets another magnet for shoppers, Oxford Street. It was a November evening, at the start of the Christmas shopping season, and the area was heaving. An appropriate location then, I suppose, for a workshop on transcreation organised by the ITI London Regional Group, which promised to be all about the world of advertising. There were certainly plenty outside [...]

The world’s quirkiest phrases — Japanese contributions?

To commemorate the International Translation Day, the BBC posted this amusing article on their website: Eight of the world’s quirkiest phrases. Sadly there's no Japanese phrase in this collection, and here are my offerings to the compendium.

戦後70年安倍談話の原文と翻訳を並べてみた / What PM Abe has said in his WWII statement

安部首相の戦後70年談話と英訳版を比較したい翻訳者も多いと思いますので、キーワードを抜き出してみました。 / Here's a quick comparison of PM Abe's WWII statement and its English translation.

Japan Association of Conference Interpreters

*** Updated 10 June 2015: Website added *** 2015年4月1日に、日本会議通訳者協会(Japan Association of Conference Interpreters / JACI)という新組織が発足します。プロ会員の資格審査があるのが特徴で、通訳者の社会的地位の向上を目指します。イベントもいろいろ企画していくそうですが、その第一弾として5月16日にはセミナーが開催されます。