Japan Association of Conference Interpreters

*** Updated 10 June 2015: Website added *** 2015年4月1日に、日本会議通訳者協会(Japan Association of Conference Interpreters / JACI)という新組織が発足します。プロ会員の資格審査があるのが特徴で、通訳者の社会的地位の向上を目指します。イベントもいろいろ企画していくそうですが、その第一弾として5月16日にはセミナーが開催されます。

WayToJapan is moving! / 一時休業のお知らせ

After four years in the Netherlands (and three years in Japan before that), I am moving back to the UK at the end of January.

This means that WayToJapan Translations, a sole proprietorship registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, will cease to operate at the end of December.

I will be back in business when I’m settled in my new home office in London […]

Ten Common Myths About Translation Quality – by Nataly Kelly

Ten Common Myths About Translation Quality – by Nataly Kelly
This is a blog post by Nataly Kelly, co-author of book “Found in Translation” and offers excellent pieces of advice to translation buyers. It’s good to see an article like this on a popular website like The Huffington Post.

J-Net Bulletin is 25 years old!

The Spring 2013 issue of the J-Net Bulletin is out — and this issue celebrates 25 years of the publication, which began as typewritten copies titled the Japanese Network Bulletin in 1988, when the Network had only five members. These days the J-Net Bulletin boasts a circulation of over 160, delivered electronically as a PDF full of colour photos. The latest issue of the J-Net Bulletin contains an article looking back on the early days of the Network and its Bulletin.

Translation can be a solitary occupation, with much stumbling around in the dark with nobody to guide you through, especially if you (like me) “fell into” the job rather than set out to make a career as a translator. J-Net provided a supportive environment that gave me a chance to meet, discuss (online and in the flesh) with and learn from fellow translators for the first time in my working life.

Recommended reading on translation

Recommended translation blog: Translation Client Zone http://www.translationclientzone.com/
A excellent blog run and edited by Bianca Bold with additional contributions from translators, interpreters and translation agencies, with a specific focus on addressing topics that are relevant to translation buyers.

Book review: The Prosperous Translator

The Prosperous Translator by Chris Durban Chris Durban, a veteran French-to-English translator specialising in finance and capital markets,  doesn’t do things by halves, and that applies to her other face as the educator of the translation industry. I first came across her name through her hugely popular column in the ITI Bulletin titled The Onionskin. You […]